EGOSYSTEMA means a group of connected elements that interact, but maintain their own features.
Ego is the part of every living being in nature - a system - that is characterized by single personality
and influences of the environment. That influences emotions; the individual has to act following his
impulses in a determined time: a lifetime.
Egosystema are born during the Spring of 2013 in studio. They recorded the first album “Dentro il
Vuoto” in DP-Sound Studio, mixing it at Ænima Recordings and Nembo Records studios, in May
2014. This album is the sum of ideas and emotions of the old lineup, born and saved for later at the
beginning, then transformed into music, with aggressive guitar’s riffs and industrial synthetic
sounds, all mixed with italian style melodic lines, and then they promoted it with some concert dates
all around Piedmont.
After a change in the lineup, they recorded the second album “Change reality” in DP-Sound Studio,
in April 2017. The sound is refreshed, becoming an american prog, lyrics are now in english . The
band promoted this album with some concerts, started in November 2017 (as tour support for
Detach in Ukraine), and continued in February 2018 (as tour support for Katatonia in Estonia, Latvia,
Lithuania, and Russia), with two summer festivals, in June 2018 (Rock the Castle in Italy, with
Carcass, Killswitch Engage, At The Gates, Napalm Death, Unleashed and Nothing More), August 2018
( in Latvia, with Septicflesh, Skyforger and Betraying the Martyrs) and February 2019
(as tour support for Hed Pe). The releasing of their new song 'Forever', in April, marks the beginning
of the 'Transition Tour Part I': the band opened the Bullet for my Valentine shows in Ukraine,
Estonia, Latvia and Belarus. A new member joins the band in May: the drummer Erik Nalin. Actually
Egosystema are focused on the releasing of a new album, which will contain 10 new tracks.